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I was born in Lac-St-Jean, Quebec. I was raised in a Christian home. I accepted Jesus-Christ as my personal Savior at 14. Believe on the Lord Jesus-Christ, and thou shalt be saved. Acts 16:31

At the tender age of 2, sitting on my father’s knees I had already started to sing wonderful hymns to the glory of God. Since then I have never stopped singing. My desire is to serve the Lord through songs with all my heart.


I was born in Granby, in the Eastern townships. I started to hold dear the work of God in my heart when I was very young. I understood the wonderful gift of salvation that God offered me through Jesus-Christ. On a Friday night in the car, prior to going to a Bible conference, I asked God to forgive my sins and to save me. I professed publically that same night that Jesus had saved me.

God has protected me throughout the years, in good and bad times. I have no doubt of his faithfulness. he is faithful and fair to forgive us. At the cross, Jesus forgave my sins, passed and future. I thank God that he loves me. Glory to God for he has not rejected my prayers and has not withdrawn his kindness throughout me.